Mapa referenčních projektů
Mapa referenčních projektů

Cogeneration source WEST Bratislava

Soundproofing panelling of walls and of the HVAC room extension on the roof of the cogeneration source in Bratislava.
Materials used
PA33P1002 perf

Panelling from the Isolamin soundproofing panels was attached to the existing reinforced concrete wall of the HVAC room extension and to sheet-metal screens. The outside surface of the panels is perforated to improve sound absorption. As the panels were fitted after all the machinery was installed it was necessary to cut out the openings for pipes additionally.

Sound-reduction index
37 dB
Location of construction
Realization period 
Order number
View of a part of the soundproofing panel
Panoramic view of roof with soundproofing measures
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