Mapa referenčních projektů
Map of Refence Projects

Kino Kaplice

Reconstruction of multi-purpose cinema hall

The hall is not only used for screening movies  but also as a municipal multi-purpose hall to organize various cultural events and school performances. The original condition of the hall did not comply with today's standards. 

During the complete reconstruction and digitalization of the screening room, an Obifon Akustik mineral cassette ceiling with a black surface finish was installed and lined with the Obifon Modular panels  with the Akutex - suede textile surface finish in orange and grey. Due to acoustic reasons, three widths of the panels were used. The size of the hall is 21 x 10 m, height 4 m.

The order also included an acoustic study and the respective installation work that were carried out  by our external partner companies. 

Acoustic modifications of an operation centre
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