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Mapa referenčních projektů
Map of Reference Projects

Industrial Development

Industrial buildings are our priority 

As we have successfully realized many projects in the 20-year period of the company's existence, we have a vast amount of experience to offer in this field. Moreover, thanks to our specialized division (Acoustics and Soundproofing ORGATEX-AKUSTIKA) we are able to deal with noise issues, as early as the planning stage.

 Category characteristics

  • new industrial buildings and facilities
  • construction changes of shops/plants in operation
  • regeneration and revitalization of existing unused buildings

This includes the following specific types of buildings:

  • manufacturing and assembly halls
  • warehouses
  • logistics centres
  • car repair shops and car washes
  • workshops
  • laboratory and chemical facilities
  • boiler rooms
  • building-ins
  • loading platforms and projecting roofs
  • paved handling, storage and parking areas

Referential Buildings

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