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Obifon Standard ceiling cassettes are intended to be used as an effective filling into dropped suspended ceilings. Thanks to its physical properties, these cassettes are suitable for fast construction and can also be installed into unfinished and humid structures.

The cassettes consist of an absorptive core covered with fibreglass on both sides and having a surface finish on its front side. We can offer a number of colours of the cassettes withs mooth or structured finishes.

  • Course of the sound absorption factor for OBIFON Standard, width 15 mm with a 50 mm offset
  • Course of the sound absorption factor for OBIFON Standard, width 15 mm with a 200 mm offset
Sound absorptivity with 50 mm offset
Sound absorptivity with 200 mm offset

Surface finishes

  • Polar – smooth white surface
  • Polar Color – smooth surface in RAL colours
  • Coral – granular surface
  • Coral colour – granular surface in RAL colours
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