Mapa referenčních projektů
Map of Reference Projects


We provide project construction as a general contractor, or a supplier of parts or even as a general coordinator of the construction work

We focus on providing solutions for industrial buildings and facilities as well as for administrative buildings, public facilitieshousing or individual construction.

We provide construction work using subcontractors, i.e. we do not realize building projects using our own employees. We organize and evaluate tenders for suppliers of individual construction units that, altogether, form the complete construction.  The selection of subcontractors, prices and deadlines suggested by our company is always subject to the investor's written approval. Not giving preference to any subcontractor is a fundamental condition of these public tenders.

We then manage the progress of the entire construction work and coordinate cooperation between the investor and selected subcontractors. In cooperation with the investor's technical supervisor, we inspect the work that has actually been completed including the invoices submitted.

Thanks to the above described construction management procedure, we can guarantee the transparency of the entire subcontractor system, while excluding the anonymity of individual participants and including the cash flow transparency.

We are often a partner to the investor from the very beginning of the project and design stage up to the completion of the construction and its final inspection. Thanks to perfect knowledge of the project and of the construction, we are able to minimize risks of unexpected additional work or non-observance of deadlines fixed.

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