Mapa referenčních projektů
Map of Reference Projects


We will represent the investor before state administrative bodies and obtain all necessary permits. Our services can be used in many other situations:

  • Plot Acquiring
    We can assist with plot purchases and arrange they are removed from the land resource register.
  • Opinions and Permits
    We are able to discuss the project with the respective authorities and to ensure the necessary opinions and permits:
    • zoning and planning decision
    • building permit
    • permission for premature operation
    • permition for trial operation
    • issuance of the respective approval of building
    • landscaping permit
    • permit to demolish a structure
    • permit to remove trees
  • Studies, Surveys, Expert Opinions
    We can order making additional studies, surveys and expert opinions 
    • EIA (Ecological Impact Assessment)
    • dispersion study
    • noise / acoustic studies
    • geological survey
    • hydrogeological survey
    • radon survey
    • structural-technical survey
    • static expert's opinion
  • Statements of Participants in Proceedings
    We are able to obtain statements and opinions of participants in the building permission proceedings  and, as the case may be, to ensure documents necessary for the issuance of the respective public law contract
  • Public Tenders
    We will organize and (in cooperation with the investor) evaluate tender proceedings for a general contractor or individual subcontractors of the given project
  • Architect's Supervision
    Within the frame of the architect's supervision, we supervise the correct progress of the construction work including inspections of the compliance with the project documentation, technical standards and other regulations
  • Supervision of Builder, Building Supervision
    We will provide a qualified person to supervise the builder, i.e. to work as a building supervisor
  • Occupational Safety Coordinator
    We will provide a qualified person to work as an occupational safety coordinator
  • Subsidies
    We will mediate consultations with a professional consultancy company to verify possibilities of receiving funds from a suitable title.
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