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Isolamin is a comprehensive soundproof panel system for walls and ceilings in any type of environment. ORGATEX-NÁCHOD s.r.o. is a company with exclusive rights to represent the Swedish company of ISOLAMIN AB in the Czech and Slovak Republics. If you are located in Slovakia, please contact our partner, Avekol, spol. s.r.o.

The system guarantees creating a good acoustic environment.

Isolamin is a flexible wall system, with  excellent acoustic properties. The core of the panel is adjusted to the specific needs of the customer for every individual project. The sound-reduction index of the panels ranges from 28 to 57 dB Rw depending on the selected thickness and configuration. If one side is perforated, the sound absorptivity increases to a higher level (A).

Easy installation and assembly

Enclosing the source of noise is the most effective manner of protecting the surrounding environment from extensive noise. With the Isolamin panel system, this is extremely easy. The panels can be cut to the required size using standard hand tools. Assembly and modification is easy, fast and does not need the use of special equipment. Isolamin can also be supplied as modules for doors and windows with the same acoustic properties as the panels that have already been used.
The Isolamin soundproofing system is intended for building noise shelters, barriers, industrial offices, clean and sanitary rooms, air-conditioning rooms and and ducts and for suppressing various kinds of noise in general.  In addition, the system can be used for firewalls and panels for lift cars and shafts.
Isolamin - a comprehensive soundproofing system
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