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ORGATEX-NÁCHOD s.r.o. is a designing, engineering and construction company, with a specialized acoustics and soundproofing division.



The company was founded and incorporated in the Companies Register on November 26th, 1996. However, its tradition reaches back to 1956, when it operated republic-wide as the planning division of the cotton processing industry. Since 1989, it has been known as ORGATEX s.p.

In 1996,  the Náchod branch of ORGATEX was privatized and a separate company - ORGATEX-NÁCHOD s.r.o. was established to focus on designing services, engineering services and on providing supplies of complete constructions. The new management fundamentally changed the company structure. The slimmed-down, more modern and effective company began to win new customers. The company had already had  many years of experience in designing industrial buildings and it had the use of its own building for its HQ which showed to be a great advantage.

ORGATEX-NÁCHOD s.r.o. has become a strong and trustworthy partner to investors, when investing into large projects. We have successfully transformed our company from a company focused on the textile industry to a company focused on many other industrial fields. We also design buildings for administrative and public facilities or for public housing and private house-building,  see the references for details.

In 2004, our company implemented the EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Since 2005, the Acoustics and Soundproofing Division named  ACOUSTICS has been importing acoustic insulation materials and implementing soundproofing measures.

 The Present

Currently, ORGATEX-NÁCHOD s.r.o. has two individual divisions with a total of thirteen full time employees. Both divisions have the same management their support each other with their specializations.
 Project and Supplies of Complete Constructions

We are continuing our tradition with more than 50 years of experience in the field of building design and construction planning. We also provide our customers with engineering services.. As the general contractor or subcontractor, we supply complete construction. As the general coordinator, we coordinate cooperation between subcontractors. We run our own COPY CENTRE.

 Acoustics and Soundproofing

In relation to designing industrial structures, there is often a problem of adverse environmental impact of these structures, especially in the field of NOISE. This is why ORGATEX-NÁCHOD s.r.o. has established a specialized acoustics and soundproofing division named ORGATEX-AKUSTIKA. Its task is to solve noise-related problems and issues relating to the use of suitable acoustic materials to take effective soundproofing measures.


The fact that both the divisions employ engineers authorized in the field of civil engineering and microenvironmental and building services engineering guarantee high quality of their work.

Project engineer and design engineer positions are occupied by experienced engineers in the fields of building construction and by technicians with higher technical education and secondary technical education with emphasis on construction.

All our employees are insured (Liability and Indemnity Insurance) at the Allianz Insurance Company for a sum amounting to CZK 4 milion.

We cooperate with a steady team of external project engineers - specialists in technical building systems, line constructions, bridges etc.



Wolkerova 1749
547 01 Náchod
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