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The technical information in this edition was accurate at the time of the printing. We reserve the right to make changes due to the progressiv development of our products. The latest information can be adtained upon request.
 Wall panel ISOLAMIN PA33CL100 perforated
 Thickness  100 mm
 Weight  27,6 kg/m2
 Modular width  565,1180 mm
 Fire class  nehořlavé
 Sound reduction  37 dB Rw
 Coefficient of thermal conductance  0,44 w/m2°C
 Length  ± 5mm
 Weight  ± 1mm
 Thickness  + 0/-1mm
 Surface material
 Material  hot dipped galvanised steel sheet (one side perforated)
 Surface  galv, painted
 Thickness  0,7 mm
 Core material
 Material  mineral wool
 Density  170kg/m3 ± 10 %
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