Mapa referenčních projektů
Map of Reference Projects

Design Work

In the area of building engineering, we offer preparing the project documentations in the following stages:

  • Studies
    architectonic and layout plans and operating recommendations for buildings or facilities.
  • Documentation for planning procedures
    documentation in an extent necessary to issue a zoning permit
  • Documentation for notification of construction
    documentation not requiring construction permits
  • Documentation for building permit process
    documentation in an extent necessary to issue a building permit
  • Tender documentation
    this documentation is used by the investor to help select a supplier for his project
  • Documentation for the building process
    detailed project documentation for building processes
  • The "as built" documentation (for final approval)
    documentation including small changes in comparison with the project documentation approved
  • Documentation for changing buildings before their completion
    documentation of changes in permitted building compared to project documentation approved
  • Documentation for permitting a changed purpose of use of the building
    documentation necessary for permitting a changed purpose of use of a building, not needing structural modifications
  • Documentation for landscaping permits
    documentation for landscaping, embankments, excavations
  • Documentation for demolish/removing a structure
    documentation necessary for the issuance of demolishing permission
  • Surveying actual condition of building
    surveying actual condition of building / inventory of documentation of current condition of existing buildings

The drawing part of our projects is prepared in Autodesk products:

Project documentations drawings will always be made digitally, and in most cases using exclusively AutoCAD LT® from Autodesk. Because we use licensed programs Autodesk Subscriptionwe guarantee that we are always working with the latest version of this software. AutoCAD LT® provides guaranteed compatibility with previous formats DWG? and DXF.
In this way, cooperation with other designers is entirely without problems. The software also works with the extended format DGN (Bentley MicroStation). Depending on the requirements of the customer, drawings can be exported into other formats, e.g. PDF, BMP, WMF.
The company of Autodeskalso allows to download free of charge viewing programs  Autodesk® DWG TrueView™, which everyone can use to view and print drawings saved in the DWG format, directly on his/her computer. Another useful function of this viewer is the possibility of converting DWG plans into older versions. When cooperating, e.g. with a subcontractor directly during the construction stage, this software tool is also available for free - Autodesk® Design Review enables the user to view, comment and track changes directly in the original DWG drawing.
Based on the customer's requirements, we can create a 3D visualization of the designed project.

We create budgets in KROS plus software by ÚRS PRAHA a.s.


An important part of projects to be developed is to determine the costs of such an investment. We are able to prepare a detailed budget list or provide you with a rough estimate of construction costs. The level of detail depends on the level of the project documentation and investor's requirements.

We use well-tried software to create construction budgets - KROS Plus by ÚRS PRAHA (always in its updated version) This software is a comprehensive tool to create budgets and calculations of construction work and to monitor construction projects. This is the only SW in the Czech Republic that contains a complete version of the URS budgeting framework and that is able to work with any other database containing construction work prices. The program also offers professional outputs, exports and imports, e.g. into Microsoft Excel.

Finished project documentation is handed over to the customer in the "paper form", and in the number of copies agreed upon.  The customer also receives a digital version of all project documentation in a requested format

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